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What better way to say I love ME on Valentine's day then with some jewelry? February 12 2015

This year we are celebrating the single girl on Bee-A-Porter. Why do you need to have a significant other to feel special on Valentine's day? Why not treat yourself!?!? This year it is all about girl power (sorry guys). Here are some great idea's of some jewelry ideas and some sweets that we just love.

1. Lightening Bolt Earrings- These Meira T earrings are the perfect everyday earrings and make you feel both strong and electric. They give your ear that perfect understated glitz.

Meira T Silver and White Sapphire 'Love' Necklace

2.Love Thyself Necklace- Who said this Meira T necklace needs to be bought by someone else? Buy it for yourself and always feel loved. These off centered charms and rich brushed yellow gold color is sure to give your neck that perfect amount of LOVE!! 

Personalized Initial Disc Bracelet Brass by Nashelle

3. Name Plate Bracelet- We can't think of a better way to celebrate yourself this Valentines day the with a monogramed bracelet. This piece is great for layering 

Now on to the sweets.

Who says a man needs to buy you chocalate? We say buy it for yourself and indulge this Valentines day. 

FUDGY BROWNIE fudge brownie, rainbow sprinkles, chocolate mousse, whipped cream, chocolate chips

We have just come across this super trendy, delicious and cute pastries? Cupcakes in a jar? Not sure exactly what to call them but we are obsesed. They are called Jars By Dani. 



We also love these super cute bite sized cupcakes. Also super trendy and just so pretty. They are bakedbymelissa. 

One last beautiful and delicious way for you to treat yourself on Valentines day. Macarons!!! We particularly love these.

Lots of LOVE!!!


P.S Check out this article by W Magazine  for some other great ideas on love thyself gifts.

How to buy jewelry that can be worn all summer.... May 29 2014

As memorial day weekend passes us by we can't wait to hit the beaches and slip into those white pants for bbq's. To me summer is about working hard so that we can play even harder on the weekends. I find that during the summer there are so many outfit changes and things to pack for the weekend like sunscreen, bathing suits, sweaters (movie theaters are always freezing) etc. It is for this reason that I like to buy myself one statement jewelry piece that I can keep on all summer long. In order to make this purchase there are a few things I keep in mind.

1. Comfort. I like to live in my jewelry and I need to make sure that the piece will be comfortable. That means I should be able to sleep in it, wear it to the gym, go to work in it and not notice its on. Especially in the summer when we tend to be hot the last thing you want is a chunky necklace so during the summer I like dainty pieces such as the pieces bellow.

Meira T pink gold white topaz ring is something that can never be taken off.


2. Versatility- For the summer I love an arrow necklace necklace. It looks great with a bikini and even better with a white shirt and jean shorts. Click on the image to order this necklace!


3. Beach Colors- During the summer I think a simple gold necklace does the trick. See examples bellow of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. We love how they layer up jewelry in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Editions.


I also really like a blue color stoned necklace for the beach. Also when you are not at the beach you can still wear it and be reminded of the beach so its a win win situation. If you want to purchase this necklace click on the link bellow.


4. A midsummer night's dream! Ethereal  and organic jewelry that makes a great piece to wear out to a bar or restaurant. Michael Michaud Pea Pod necklace reminds me of the wilderness and the unknown that it brings with it :) This necklace comes on a long chain so that it can be layered up.


Here are some other great reads about looking fabulous at the beach this summer! 

1. Foam Magazine Beach Beauty Guide

2.  Vogue's guide to year round Beach Hair

3. Fitness Magazine Beach Guide

Are you ready for Mother's Day? April 28 2014

Let's face it every year we are scrambling for that perfect Mother's Day present. I mean what do we get the person who gave us life? How do we begin to try and repay and celebrate a woman who has given us everything? The idea of a Mother's Day gift is silly because it implies that we can somehow repay a Mother for her love. That being said every mother still expects a token of appreciation for everything that she does. I think that you can never go wrong with something sparkly :) As a mother myself I know that jewelry is never a bad way to go. I am sentimental so I wear a necklace with an initial of my sons name as a side charm. I think that you cannot go wrong with meaningful jewelry so here are some suggestions bellow.


This Meira T necklace was seen on celebrities such as Heidi Klum. It makes the perfect gift because who wouldn't want to be told they are loved with a diamond 'Love"??


Diamond and Gold Initial Pendant Necklace

Another great idea is this Bee-A-Porter diamond initial. You can either get your mother her initial or create a mulit disk necklace with the initials of all her children. 

Michael Michaud Gingko Leaf Cuff

For the mother that loves nature lets call her Mother Nature... A great option is this Michael Michaud Ginko leaf cuff. It makes a great statement piece and is a great everyday piece.

My last and final suggestion are these Meira T rose gold ear cuffs. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing them and they are a great alternative to diamond studs. This is for your hipster mom who is still trendy but sophisticated. See bellow Maria Menounos wearing them bellow. 

 I hope you enjoyed these suggestions and Happy Mother's day to all those amazing women out there!! 

From Bee-A-Porter

Setting the BAR high!! April 21 2014

Bar bracelets and necklaces have been a trend now for a few years, but its one that I seriously love. As a fan of layering I think every woman needs a diamond filled bar of some sort to layer up.  I also am a fan of jewelry that you can get lots of use out of. It can be worn with a simple jeans and white tee outfit, yet, it can also be dressed up for a fancier night out. I do think this is a piece worth investing in because you want to be able to never take it off. Headed to the gym, keep it on! The bar necklace is an eccletic piece that goes with anything! So ladies, if you can splurge then invest in one with gold and diamonds. You want this to be a good quality piece.

 Meira T 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Bar Bracelet | Bloomingdale's
14kt yellow gold diamond bar bracelet by Meira T is a great choice since it has 4 adjustable jump rings making it a great layering piece.

I also love this simple gold bar necklace worn by Kim Kardashian. I think its great that it can be engraved with any word or name making this piece personal and elegant. Kim has been spotted wearing this LOVED one and also one with her baby's name NORI.

Or take the trend in another direction... literally...this Jennifer Meyer piece is a great alternative to the horizontal bar. The vertical bar necklace is different and also really cool layering piece. 
I thought this rose gold Aioli 10kt bar necklace was the perfect piece if you do not want to splurge like crazy, but still get a cool piece to layer.
Jamie Chung wearing an arrow necklace. We carry a similar arrow necklace by Tashi.
Kardashians rocking the BAR!! I also love the way Drew Barymore layers this bar necklace.
Check out some  Bar necklaces by Nashelle. These name plates are great because you can write anything you want on them. They make a great and thoughtful or funny gift. 
Get your bar today at beeaporter

Fine jewelry that make you feel.... March 19 2014

I am really fascinated by fine jewelry that makes you feel something about yourself. I am not talking about sentimental jewelry because I believe that to an extent every piece of jewelry is sentimental to some degree. Especially fine jewelry, unless you are a celeb chances are you got it on an occasion or bought it for yourself for an occasion.  Pause for a slight tangent on sentimental jewels I love. Obviously engagement rings are the quintessential meaningful and most important piece of jewelry a woman has.

.                                                                               . 

I also love this Erica Courtney Platinum "ellen" setting. I think its a really unique and organic take on a classical round stone. I love the bellow Molly Sims' engagement ring made by Loarrain Schwartz  modern cushion cut stone.


 Back on to topic, I am talking about  that piece of jewelry that you put on and it makes you feel that much cooler. It makes you feel like you have arrived; you are not quite sure to where but it doesn't really matter! 

Earrings cuffs always make me feel cool. Not sure if it's because I grew up a in a traditional household and was told that I would be cut off emotionally and monetarily if I got my cartilage pierced and as a result I feel rebellious wearing it... Ok so I know that that's the reason but either way I feel awesome wearing earrings cuffs. I feel bad ass, pretty and glamorous all at the same time.  So I am in luck since this is majorly trending right now.

Obviously Jennifer Lawrence pulls this Ana Khouri ear cuff off flawlesly. Everything she does is flawless... I thought that was important to add....


So we don't all have the money to spend on fine jewels but  you don't have to break the bank to get cool jewels... See some more well priced ear cuffs!

Minimal Ear Cuff. Hammered Sterling Silver. Line. Minimalist Jewelry.

Love this ear-cuff found on Etsy, check it out here



Meira T Ear cuff worn by Laura Vandervort. Email me for more information and pricing.

I also feel this way about safety pin inspired Meira T earrings

Fake or Real October 21 2013

I, like every other woman on this earth, have made some really bad choices. I have fallen for the wrong one.....I have been enticed by his looks and forgotten what is really important which is quality. He won me over with his sparkly exterior and I lost myself... I promised myself I would never go back there, I swore I would never choose beauty over quality and yet here I am again.....


No I am not talking about a man I am talking about the pair of earrings I bought on the street  when I had a layover in Italy.... Yes it was late and I was hungry and jet lag but that was no excuse to spend 150 dollars on these earrings (see horrific picture bellow to which I added an insane background in case you were not sure if these earrings are really SOO BAD they are).....In fact you are probably thinking that having purchased this I have no right to be writing a jewelry blog or for that matter selling jewelry. You are wrong though, I do because I am here confessing to my mistake and ultimately trying to teach others. I knew better and yet this was not the first or last time that I would do this.... 



When I see jewelry I become illogical and I can't help myself... I have many rotting pieces in my jewelry box and i mean literally rotting they are turning all sorts of colors and I am talking strange colors that no jewelry should ever be... every time I look at them I have a pit in my stomach because I think of all the money I could have saved up to buy something of higher quality and all the room they are taking up because I refuse to throw them out..... 


Its an age old debate... Costume or Fine Jewelry... Is fine jewelry the equivalent of a good looking guy that we know will not last and ultimately leave us feeling upset at ourselves and the decision we have made? Because we did know what we were getting ourselves into we just couldn't stay away....  I think that philosophical debates are really important so let me iron out where I stand....

Costume jewelry- It is important to have versatility in your wardrobe and who are we kidding we do not have the budget to buy a piece of fine jewelry every time we want to switch things up... I tend to switch my jewelry often, since as you have probably already figured out I am a bit obsessed and may or may not be addicted to jewelry.That being said its important to spend money on costume jewelry that will have a shelf life of more then a day. After my previous affairs I have decided to only buy good quality costume pieces... This does not necessarily mean spending a lot of money just know what you are buying. If you feel like dressing like Cara Delevingne you will need some costume jewelry to achieve this look. 


Fine jewelry does not need to only be classical and boring. You can also express yourself using fine jewelry. You are spending more on it and want to make sure you are going to get a lot of use out of it but still you can have some fun with it... Here are some of my personal favorites.. Ana Khouri Ear cuff- pricey but stunning on my wish list.... 

This Meira T cuff is my first ear cuff. I wear them everyday its super comfy and trendy... 


Laura Vandervoort wearing Meira T earring cuff... 

And last but not least my favorite piece of jewelry and what I earned for having my son.... Also my husband sold his soul for this piece I wear it everyday....CARTIER CARTIER CARTIER LOVE BRACELET....